Shane Heron shares his supernatural art influences for CAULDRON magazine

Here’s my chat with Shane Heron at the launch event for CAULDRON – a comics magazine of supernatural tales. Podcast available on iTunes

shane heron cauldron

As a freelance illustrator, cartoonist & painter,  Shane is the creator of Morris – a post-apocalyptic western comic book. Shane is also the writer and co-creator of Black Hole Hunters Club with Ricky Lima.

cauldron cover

During our chat, Shane talked about how he worked with Ricky Lima and Sam Noir to create CAULDRON. Shane shared his influences for his artwork and provided his insight about his contribution to the comics magazine. He also hinted about the future of CAULDRON with potential publishers. Shane described the tools he uses to create his artwork and mentioned a future stint at RAID Studios.

morris 1

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