‘Shelly’ creator endorses social media plus exhibitions in support of self-publishing

Here’s my chat with Stephany Lein at Brampton Comic Con 2018.

stephany lein brampton comic con 2018

Stephany is a comic book creator from Ontario with several successful projects including Skelt and Apy with Sam Noir, Strays and her most recent effort Shelly.

During our chat, Stephany talked about her recent efforts, plus her upcoming exhibition events. She gave her insight in the process of self-publishing.

shelly 1

She encouraged promotion through social media and offered: “You just need to meet people and get your stuff out there.”

Through Kickstarter, Stephany was able to fund Strays and duplicated the effort with Shelly. And Stephany plans for more Shelly in the coming months.


You can discover more about Stephany on Twitter @jupejuperocket and online at jupe.ca

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