Interview with Keith Grachow at Mississauga Comics Expo 2017

Here’s my chat with Keith Grachow at Mississauga Comics Expo 2017.


Keith has been a graphic artist for the last 20 years and has worked for companies like Play Along Toys (a subsidiary of Jakks Pacific) on the Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon series; and for Disney Animation, as a digital ink and paint artist on the animated flicks Princess and the Frog and the reboot of Winnie the Pooh (2011). He is also a full time illustrator that has created comic books, web comics, graphic novels and children’s books

During our chat, Keith talks about releasing Salt Water issue #2 with writer Mitch Cook, his work on Concrete Martians, his teaching efforts, his Kickstarter projects Polybius Dreams, and his contribution to Jewish Comics Anthology vol. 2.

You can discover more about Keith online at and on Twitter at @kgrachow

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