Tools of the Trade with Jay Odjick featuring iPad Pro

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Based in the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Algonquin Nation in Quebec, Jay Odjick is the founder, writer, artist and TV producer of Kagagi, a Native American superhero appearing across North American on ATV. Additionally, he has completed a number of work for high profile projects, including Robert Munsch’s Blackflies novel, illustrated entirely on iPad Pro, and a mural for Canada’s National Library and Archives in Ottawa. Language revitalization is a personal passion of his, regularly drawing and tweeting the Algonquin Word of the Day, grabbing national attention. View more of his work on Instagram at

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The following is our email conversation about how the iPad Pro helps Jay create his art.

How does iPad Pro and Apple Pencil help you with the creative process?

Jay: The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil combo changed my workflow and process entirely! Prior to this year, I was working on a stationary tablet monitor exclusively in the past. The iPad Pro enables me to take my show on the road and work from anywhere at any time. The battery life is strong enough that I don’t need to worry about charging it often and I can now work from virtually anywhere — a waiting room, on a plane, in an airport, wherever, and access all my files using Dropbox even though the storage size on the device is HUGE.

No matter what stage I’m at – sketching or design work of characters, locations or penciling a page, inking a page – the iPad Pro handles any art related task very well via the Procreate app.

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iPad Pro image courtesy of Apple Canada

Can you describe how it differs from traditional pencils and pens?

Jay: Number one thing is COST in terms of using high end, professional art supplies, I think it’s much more cost effective to get yourself an iPad Pro — and have a top of the line, pro ready suite of every piece of gear you could ever want or need –it’s one stop. Pencils, comic art boards and inking pens / brushes are all pretty expensive AND take up a lot of physical space. My iPad Pro takes up one foot of space, and is better for the environment than working on paper.

In terms of performance, I’ve never used an actual pencil or pen that had an Undo button. 😉 All semi-jokes aside, the Apple Pencil feels a surprising amount LIKE drawing on paper! More so than any other device I’ve used, by far. Sketching on this, honestly is amazing. There’s no lag, the pencil flows very, very smoothly over the iPad Pro screen and drawing is a dream. Regarding inking, we need an app on this device that has some form of line stabilizer a la Manga Studio’s features. Manga Studio, if you’re reading this, come to the iPad Pro. Miss you.

iPad Pro video courtesy of Apple Canada

If you work with a writer, editor or another person in the creation process, how easy is to share your work at various stages with your collaborators?

Jay: Super easy. Dropbox all day, every day. It is really easy to upload files into Dropbox and of course, files and folders can be shared from the iPad Pro, so just drop them in. It’s so much quicker and easier than the old days of attaching files in email, etc., and having to worry about fie size. Actually, I drew a book cover and shared it with a colourist that I corresponded with, made notes for changes to the piece, approved final colours all on the iPad Pro. Just awesome!

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