Interview with Nancy Kettles and Leona Moore at the GPL Comic Book Day

Here’s my chat with Nancy Kettles and Leona Moore at the recent Grimsby Public Library Comic Book Day sponsored by Meridian Credit Union.

GPL Comic Book Day photo 1

Nancy manages Children’s Services at the Grimsby Public Library and together with the library staff organized the Comic Book Day.

Leona is the branch manager of Meridian Credit Union in the Grimsby, Ontario area.

During our chat, Nancy talked about the benefits of the Comic Book Day to help increase literacy awareness, plus informing the public about library services, and how comic books can help overall.

Leona talked about why Meridian Credit Union sponsored the Comic Book Day including financial literacy, teaching children the value of money and the cost of everyday items.


You can discover more about Grimsby Public Library at and Meridian Credit Union can be found at

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