Ian Herring interview with True North Country Comics at Fan Expo 2017

Interview with Ian Herring about RAID Studio at Fan Expo 2017 .

Ian is an illustrator and colourist based in Toronto working out of the RAID studio. He’s currently colouring for Marvel on various titles including Ms. Marvel, Silk, All-New Hawkeye and E For Extinction. He chats about the RAID Studio and his own projects, including Junior Citizens.

The Royal Academy of Illustration & Design, collectively known as RAID, is an award-winning multi-media studio and creative agency established in 2002 and located in Toronto’s beloved Little Italy District. RAID’s primary focus is creative concepts, idea development, and visual solutions, involving illustration, design, and sequential art.

RAID Fan Expo 2017


You can discover more about RAID Studio at http://www.raid.world and about Ian Herring at 156thmongoose.com

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