Top 10 Go-To Lists

If you’re looking for comic book and graphic novel recommendations, look no further than this compilation of posts from Canadian comic book creators.

Becka Kinzie

Benjamin Rivers

Caitlin Major

Casey Parsons

Claudio Ghirado

Conor McCreery

Cory Doctorow

David Daneman

Derek Evernden

Derek Barton

Doug Savage

Erika Schnellert

Francine Delgado

Francis Desharnais

Gisèle Lagacé

Hannah Myers

Howard Wong

Ian Herring

Ilinca Barbacuta

J. Torres

J.M. Frey

Jack Briglio

Jade McGilvray

James Davidge

Janice Liu

Jeff Martin

Jenny Chen

Jim Zub

John Ward

Johnny Cassidy

Josh Stafford

Josh Tierney

Julien Dallaire-Charest

Kate Leth

Kathleen Gros

Kathleen Lacy

Keenan Poloncsak

Kim Edgar

Lonnie Nadler

Marco Veltri

Manfred J. von Vulte

Marguerite Sauvage

Mark Allard-Will

Matt McGrath

Matt Smith

Mauricio Pommella

Michael Cho

Michael Walsh

Nelson Caetano

Nick O’Gorman

Paulus Linnaeus

Richard Comely

Riley Hamilton

Roddy Williams

Ronn Sutton

Ryan North

Ryan Poirier

Sam Noir

Scott A. Ford

Scott Chantler

Shawn Daley

Stephanie Cooke

Sweeney Boo

Thom Blais-LeBlanc

Troy Little

Vanessa Stefaniuk

Von Allan