New comic books from Canadian creators for Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Here are just a few of the many new comic books available from Canadian creators for sale on Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Aggretsuko: Super Fun Special #1
Josh Tierney – writer
Brenda Hickey – artist, writer

Batman Secret Files: Peacekeeper-01 #1
Ed Brisson – writer

Batman vs. Bigby! A Wolf in Gotham #2
Yanick Paquette – cover artist

Bermuda #4
Nick Bradshaw – artist

Beyond The Breach #4
Ed Brisson – writer

Black Manta #2
Valentine De Landro – artist, cover artist

Catwoman #36
Yanick Paquette – cover artist
Nathan Fairbairn – cover artist

Critical Role: The Tales of Exandria The Bright Queen #1 
Darcy Van Poelgeest – writer

Dungeons & Dragons: Mindbreaker #1
Jim Zub – writer
Max Dunbar – cover artist

Far Sector TP
Jamal Campbell – artist, cover artist

Gunslinger Spawn #1
Todd McFarlane – variant cover artist, writer

King Spawn #3
Todd McFarlane – variant cover artist

Nightwing #85
Jamal Campbell – variant cover artist

Purgatori #1
Ray Fawkes – writer
Jamie Tyndall – variant cover artist

Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #4
Sanya Anwar – artist, writer

Refrigerator Full of Heads #1
Tom Fowler – artist

Savage Hearts #4
Lovern Kindzierski – artist

Star Wars: Darth Vader Ominbus HC
Leonard Kirk – artist

The Death of Doctor Strange #2
Jed MacKay – writer
Kaare Andrews – cover artist

The United States of Captain America #5
Dale Eaglesham – artist, variant cover artist

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