TCAF2021: That’s a wrap

And just like that another Toronto Comic Arts Festival has come and gone. Albeit virtual, the exhibition and supporting events were deemed a success by all — especially by the creators themselves.

For a second year in a row, True North Country Comics dedicated the month of May (and more) to chat with exhibitors about their favourite festival moments, their inspirations and especially about their books.

Even though everyone expressed a strong desire to exhibit at a physical event in the future, all the creators enjoyed the opportunity to gather virtually to celebrate the fun of comics.

Here are just some of the creators who participated in this year’s TCAF2021 and offered their time for a podcast interview. You’re encouraged to discover more about their work and hopefully purchase a book or two from them.

Chris Sanagan and Jason Lapidus talked about ‘Peregrines’

Marc Jackson chatted about making comics

Jordana Globerman talked about her new comics ‘Bear’ and ‘New Arrival’ 

Ramón K. Pérez discussed the latest offerings from R.A.I.D. 

Mike McCubbins talked about ‘Anasazi’ and advice for making comics

JoAnne Purcell talked about making comics at Seneca College 

Aaron Navrady talked about the making of ‘The Cold Fire’ 

Shaun Manning discussed ‘MacBeth: The Red King’ and ‘Baxter and The Magic Towel’

Kristen Kiomall-Evans talked about ‘XII: Of Magic And Muses’

Christina Major and Ally Rom Colthoff chatted about the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective

Lucy Sullivan chatted about her award-winning graphic novel ‘Barking’ 

Dax Gordine talked about ‘Forest Folk’ 

R. Sikoryak talked about ‘Constitution Illustrated’

Isaac Roller talked about ‘Transmissions From Dreamtown’

Maiji/Mary Huang talked about ‘Now Recharging’ 

Jonathan Baylis chatted about ‘So Buttons’

Kathryn Briggs chatted about ‘Resistance’ and more

Jack Briglio chatted about ‘Flip vol. 2’

Samantha Branch talked about ‘Will Not Bow’ comics

Francine Delgado compared digital vs. traditional comic book creation

Doug Dabbs offered advice for making comic books

Matt McGrath offered advice for first time comic book makers

Ian Herring talked about ‘Junior Citizens’ and more

Marco Veltri and Ian Wright talked about ‘Painting My Life’

Goat’s Head Studios creators chatted about ‘Legends of Fomora’ and more

shiverspooky talked about ‘Lycan’s Nocturne’ and more

Credible Threat Press creators chatted about current and future projects

Troy Little from Pegamoose Press talked about ‘Angora Napkin’ and more

Danny Gorny chatted about ‘Sleepwalkers’ and more

Oren Wry talked about ‘Mundo Roto’ and more

Dylan Klein and Lane Brettschneider talked about ‘Starside’

Pat Higgins talked about ‘The Covidiot Files’

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