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Here’s the latest news from around the web about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

IGN wrote about a new horror anthology series called The Silver Coin featuring Michael Walsh on art. With issue #1 timed for April, writers on the series include Chip Zdarsky, Jeff Lemire and Kelly Thompson. When asked about the idea behind the series, Michael said: “After finishing Black Hammer/Justice League with Jeff Lemire I was really itching to draw a horror comic. I was also dying to work with a bunch of my favourite collaborators again AND I was really pushing myself to move back into the world of creator owned comics. I thought for a while about how I could make all of these things happen and came up with the idea behind The Silver Coin.”
You can read more at IGN.com

Polygon published an article about the new upcoming six-issue anthology miniseries The Old Guard: Tales Through Time that follows the highly successful original series by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez. Fresh off the popular interpretation from the Netflix movie, this new miniseries explores the expansive history of the immortal warriors with the help of some talented comic book creators. Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, will reteam with her Bitch Planet collaborator, Valentine De Landro, and spoke about working again with him. She said: “Val mentioned Kurosawa and we settled very quickly on 13th-century Japan. I think it was about 10 seconds after that that we both groaned audibly because of the amount of research we knew we had ahead of us.” Writer Andrew Wheeler will collaborate with artist Jacobo Camagni on a post-WWI Berlin story and elaborated: “Germany between the wars was a vibrant time for queer culture…Our story is set at the twilight of that time, as the rise of fascism sweeps away the few institutions, supports, and freedoms that queer people had established for themselves. There is never a time for queer people when the victories don’t feel fragile.”
You can read more at Polygon.com
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blogTO interviewed Peter Birkemoe the proprietor of Toronto’s The Beguiling Books and Art comic book store. When asked about running a comic book store in Toronto, Peter said: “A comics community in a city will often end up producing and necessitating a comic shop, but the existence of a comic shop also fosters a community’s existence. It’s this ecosystem of people being enthusiastic about reading comics then producing comics themselves; there must be places where those comics can be bought and shared.”
You can read more at blogTO.com
Beguiling comic book store front

Comics Beat reported that My Little Pony and Transformers will again see a cross over thanks to writer Sam Maggs and James Asmus along with artist Jack Lawrence and Casey W. Coller. The four-part mini series, entitled Friendship In Disguise II, starts up April from IDW. According to Sam: “I can’t wait to jump back into this world of magical friendships that really is More than Meets the Eye…It’s such a blast coming up with the most fun (and downright weird) pairings of ponies and ‘bots, and I think fans of both series are going to be surprised at what’s we’ve got for them this second time around!”
You can read more at ComicsBeat.com

IGN reported the Magic: The Gathering returns to monthly comic books starting in April from BOOM! Studios featuring writer Jed MacKay, artist Ig Guara, colorist Arianna and lettered Ed Dukeshire. When asked about the new series, in a press release Jed said: “Twenty-five years ago when I was digging through the commons and uncommons bin to build my first deck, I would never have thought that one day I would be handed the reins to the Magic: The Gathering comic, but here we are! I’m extremely psyched to be digging into the world of MAGIC and all that entails, and can’t wait for all of you to see what we’ve been cooking up for you!”
You can read more at IGN.com

The Humboldt Journal spoke with Jeff Burton about the $8000 Independent Artists grant from the Saskatchewan Arts Board for the 48-page graphic novel The Adventures of Auroraman: Good Times in the Badlands. Planned for release in May, the story, illustrated by Sharon Gauthier and James Zintel, follows Auroraman taking a group of students on a field trip to Drumheller where prehistoric threats emerge. According to Jeff: “The arts grants are designed to pay for the artist’s work, they won’t cover anything printing related, but they will cover artist fees – because they want to make sure artists are supported. So that’s a huge contribution to the overall cost of producing this issue.”
You can discover more at Humboldtjournal.ca

The Whig-Standard posted an article reflecting on the contribution of James Simpkins to the Canadian cartooning field. Known for his popular Jasper the bear creation which started in Macleans Magazine from 1948, James trained at the Winnipeg School of Art and worked at the National Film Board of Canada for 16 years of creating animal characters for educational films. He was posthumously inducted into the Giants of the North Hall of Fame as part of the Doug Wright Awards in 2016.
You can read more at TheWhig.com

The Timmins Daily Press spoke with Davis Dewsbury, co-creator of Auric of the Great White North about the success of the recent crowdfunding campaign for a prequel to the series. According to Davis: “The campaign was a success. We made little bit more than what we were planning for so, there will be a little bit of bonus material for some of people that pledged towards us. And the last four pages of that are done now so we are hoping to go to print next week. Initially in the campaign, we had said that we are hoping to mail out everybody’s rewards in February. It looks like we may be a week behind, but we are going to be on schedule.”
You can read more at TimminsPress.com

And in case you missed it, here are some of the talented Canadian comic book creators and supporters who kindly gave their time for podcast interviews:

Shawn Daley spoke about his latest project The Bridgebuilders Creed:

Chip Zdarsky and Jason Loo discussed the fact that Afterlift is being published as a graphic novel by Dark Horse Comics:

Randy Stone talked about The Sensational Swan:


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