Weekend Update for Sunday January 17, 2021

Here’s the latest news from around the web about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

CBR reported that Marvel will be publishing a new miniseries entitled Carnage: Black, White & Blood with art by Ken Lashley. Written by Donny Cates and Tini Howard, plus art by Sara Pichelli, starting this March, the miniseries offers spine-chilling tales about Cletus Kasady and his alien symbiote. When asked for his opinion about the miniseries, Ken said: “When you get the chance to work on a character like Carnage it’s a very fast ‘YES’ … and this story is a dream come true for any artist. Working with the best writing talent in the biz is a plus as well. I can’t wait to show what we have created. It’s not what people would expect, it’s super exciting.”
You can read more at CBR.com

CTV News reported that Rhett Stevenson from Carrot River, Saskatoon is writing a comic book series SOKOS. When asked about how he created the book, described as a combination of Western storytelling and Japanese Manga with a space colonization setting, Rhett said: “At an early age I developed a love for writing. I have a speech impediment and apraxia so at an early age I couldn’t really express my ideas orally. I was able to express my ideas on paper. I think that’s where it kind of all began.”
You can read more at CTVNews.ca

Newsarama reported that Jeff Lemire will be teaming up with Doug Mahnke for an upcoming DC Black Label title. When asked about this project, Jeff said: “I fell in love with Doug’s work when he did Frankenstein with Grant Morrison and have been a devoted Mahnke Fanboy ever since… One of the first pieces of original art I ever bought was a page from Doug’s Frankenstein when I met him at a Con in Toronto over a decade ago. I had just started Sweet Tooth then and I remember showing early pages to Doug. He and I talked about working together since, but our schedules never lined up.”
You can read more at Gamesradar.com

Yorkton This Week wrote about a new comic book series with a dinosaur focus from Martensville, Saskatoon creator Brayden Martens. Prehistoria: Age of Dinosaurs, available at The Royal Saskatchewan Museum and Eastend T-Rex Discovery Center and at http://www.mistviewmedia.com, is a new offering that focuses exclusively on the big creatures from the past. When asked why he wrote the comic book series, Brayden said: “In my lifetime I had always wanted to see a comic book that was dinosaurs, just dinosaurs…I know that there were those before who had some great comics about dinosaurs, but sadly being in small town Saskatchewan it was difficult to procure these treasures. I felt it was time to offer something up a new series that could satisfy the entertainment so many craved, but also the education so many of loved.”
You can read more at YorktonThisWeek.com

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed writer Ray Fawkes about his upcoming series Vampirella Versus Purgatori from Dynamite Entertainment. When asked to comment about the series, Ray said: “Like many comics fans — and horror fans — I’ve fostered a love for Vampirella for a long time…I was reading Vampirella comics way back when, in the stone ages when I was probably too young to be reading stories that were so bloody and so sexy.”
You can read more at HollywoodReporter.com

SyFy Wire interviewed Zac Thompson about his series I Breathed A Body from AfterShock Comics. When asked about his influence for the series, Zac said: “Good horror, to me, is all about a gradual descent. It’s about confronting something uncanny and letting the reader sit with it for a moment…Letting the characters experience this unease as the tension winds around them, coiling slowly as they realize they’re trapped. So at first it becomes this sensation that things are slightly off, that maybe you should run. But before long, as the characters keep sinking into dread, those thoughts are replaced by more primal ideas.”
You can read more at SyFy.com

ComicBook.com spoke with Jeff Lemire about Black Hammer Visions, a new anthology series with eight new creative teams who get to play around the Black Hammer universe. When asked about what’s next, Jeff said: “When Visions and the current miniseries wrap my plan is to actually shrink the universe back down to one or two core books again. I had a ton of fun building out the world and universe and all these mini-series have added so much to the foundation of that world, but now I have one very specific story I want to tell using everything we’ve done as the building blocks, and that story will be in the pages of Black Hammer Reborn our new core title that will launch in 2021.” 
You can read more at ComicBook.com

Newsarama reported that Yanick Paquette is leaving DC Comics after almost 10 years. According to Yanick on his Facebook page: “Death Metal #7 is out there. As it turned out, this is a fitting celebratory end to my 10 years tenure at DC…I’ll venture to some unannounced stuff for a while, but no doubt I’ll get back to DC at some point.”
You can read more on Gamesradar.com

Comics Beat interviewed Stephanie Cooke about her new book Oh My Gods! from HMH Books. When asked about the appeal of Greek myths, central to the story, Stephanie said: “…when we’re young, we desperately want to be older and to not be a “kid” anymore. Greek Mythology exists in this space as something that is technically written for adults but the content is interesting, exciting, and accessible to younger audiences. I think the idea of reading up is so exciting to us, especially when we find something that clicks.”
You can read more at ComicsBeat.com

CBC Radio spoke with Kahnawá:ke-born Walter Scott about his newest work Wendy, Master of Art. When asked about the inspiration for the book, Walter said: “”It would be untrue to say that Wendy isn’t inspired by my own adventures or misadventures. I went to the University of Guelph, I applied for a master’s program. I got in and I went there in 2016. I was drawing comics a lot, releasing books and stuff…. The new book, Master of Art,, emerged from that experience.”
You can read more at CBC.ca/radio

And in case you missed it, here are some of the talented Canadian comic book creators and supporters who kindly gave their time for podcast interviews:

Stephanie Cooke talked about her latest work Oh My Gods:

Paulus Linnaeus chatted about the newest addition to the Demonhuntress saga:

And Conor McCreery offered insight into his latest series The Last Witch:


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