2020 In Review – Comic Book Convention and Festival Memories

On this special episode, I take a look back at 2020 with a special focus on favourite convention and festival moments. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. And don’t forget to check out YouTube.

It’s no secret that the cancellation of comic book conventions and festivals in 2020 has had a major impact on comic book creators. In addition to the lack of extra income, the cancellation also meant that they couldn’t socially interact with convention attendees and fellow creators. 

As for me, without having the opportunity to meet up and chat with creators at conventions and festivals this past year, I’ve been very fortunate to interview them remotely. Over the course of the year, the site has been lucky enough to host 159 interviews in which creators often reminisced about their favourite memorable moments from past conventions. 

And although it’s very sad that 2020 didn’t allow us to meet up at as comic book events as we much as would have liked, we can still share in the joy and wonder of these special moments from the creators who graciously gave their time for these podcast interviews with Bailie Rosenlund, Boum, Camilla D’Errico, Dawn McTeigue, Kyle Charles, Nyko Rudolph, Chase Kantor, Dino Pia, Doug Savage, Emma Milligan, Erika Matsuyama, Francine Delgado, GMB Chomichuk, Hannah Myers, Ilinca Barbacuta, Jenny Chen, Jonathon Dalton, Matt Smith, Mauricio Pommella, Sanika Phawde, Scott A. Ford, Shea Proulx, and Steven Andrews.


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