Weekend Update For Sunday, November 15, 2020

Here’s the latest news about Canadian comic book creators from the past week:

The Timmins Daily Press interviewed Davis Dewsbury, one of the co-creators Auric of the Great White North, a Timmins-based comic book series. Along with co-creator Toronto artist Andrew Thomas, Davis is planning to develop a story about the origins of Auric, before he became a superhero and have announced a 30-day crowdfunding campaign. When asked about the project, Davis said: “It’s a kick-starter to help finance a brand-new issue, a special one. And the cool thing about this one is it’s not so much a superhero story. It’s kind of a survival story of Auric before he became like a superhero and he’s just made the big change into the beast that he is. He’s basically being hunted but he’s no longer human, so he is on his own now. He has to fend for himself, avoid people from hunting and at the same time try and survive the harsh winter.”
You can read more at Timminspress.com

CBR reported that DC Comics has revealed the full creative team for the upcoming Dark Nights: Death Metal tie-in release Dark Nights: Death Metal – The Last Stories of the DC Universe #1. Per a post made to the official DC Nation Twitter account, The Last Stories of the DC Universe #1 will be comprised of seven stories. Notable Canadian creators for the effort include:
– Jeff Lemire will write about Green Lantern in ‘Last Knights’
– Mariko Tamaki will write about Wonder Woman in ‘The Question’
– Cecil Castellucci will write about the Bat Family in ‘We Fight For Love’
– Francis Manapul will be the artist for Superman in ‘Man of Tomorrow’
You can read more at CBR.com

The Oshawa Express reported on the recent Oshawa Public Libraries’ Annual FanCon. Instead of a physical event, the virtual FanCon included visits and specially themed story times, to fandom craft tutorials and more. Special guests joined to help celebrate the fifth annual event including J. Torres, author of graphic novel Planet Hockey; Sam Noir and Andrew Dorland, authors of Ballyskillen: An Augmented Reality Modern Fantasy Comic Book; Wattpad star, L.D. Crichton, author of All our Broken Pieces; Shawn Daley, Ringo Award nominated cartoonist; Ricky Lima, author and bookmaker; and Steven Andrews, writer and production editor for TO Comix Press.
You can read more at OshawaExpress.ca

Arcana Studio announced that it’s partnered with cartoonist Graeme Partridge-David to release Max Velocity. The book centers around Max, an autistic boy with super speed who meets a new group of super powered friends and that under the watchful eye of veteran superheroes, Max and his friends explore their headquarters and encounter excitement and surprise. According to Graeme: “I am thrilled that Max Velocity has found a home with Arcana. I have so much admiration for Sean and what he has created here, always focusing on the fun, joy, and boundless possibilities of imagination. Max Velocity has been a labour of love since its inception as a story for my amazing autistic children. The audience of diverse and exceptional kids like them deserves a hero and a friend like Max. I know Arcana is the perfect place to help them find each other!”
Max Velocity is anticipated for release sometime in 2021.
You can read more at Arcana.com

Multiversity Comics announced that Sam Maggs will be writing Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins. Slated for stores on June 16, 2021, the story centres on Laura Bailey’s character Jester Lavorre, an excitable tiefling cleric, and will chart her first meeting with her patron deity, the Traveller, as well as the chain of events that led her to join the heroic troupe, The Mighty Nein.
You can read more at MultiversityComics.com

EW wrote about the best comics to read in November. Notable Canadians on the list include:
– Lovern Kindzierski for Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology #2
– Chip Zdarksky and Ramón Pérez for Stillwater #3
– Jeff Lemire for Sweet Tooth: The Return #1
You can read more at EW.com

Games Radar published a story about a new project from Paul Tucker and Paul Allor entitled Hollow Heart in which “love is found between a mechanic and a jumble of human organs that used to be a man, but now resides in a bio-suit.” According to Paul: “Creating comics gives me a chance to ‘cast an unknown’ for every new project. I can put down lines on paper and find that connection, regardless of the characters’ background or behaviour. The creation is an empathetic act. With Hollow Heart this process becomes meta, as it reflects the book’s main theme. Hollow Heart is indeed about empathy, and more crucially it explores the dangers of empathy.”
You can read more at GamesRadar.com

Global News put the spotlight on Kyle Charles in advance of Marvel Indigenous Voices #1 on November 18. When asked about the experience, Kyle said: “I just couldn’t believe it. Usually you have to fight to get in to Marvel. You have a lot to prove. For them to come to me… it was unexpected.”
You can read more at GlobalNews.ca

And in case you missed it, here are some of the talented Canadian comic book creators and supporters who kindly gave their time for podcast interviews published this past week:

Dave Bishop spoke about his current work on Amazing Hockey Stories and his memories of WhitCAF:

Scott Chantler mused about the 10th publishing anniversary of his book Two Generals:

Jerome Cabanatan discussed his Tree Kids of Troop 44 and his thoughts on WhitCAF:


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