Weekend Update for Sunday, October 25, 2020

Here’s just some of the news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters from this past week.

Multiversity Comics spoke with Zac Thompson about his new project I Breathed A Body with artist Andy McDonald. Available from AfterShock Comics starting January 20, 2021, the series “investigates the spheres of social media, after influencer Mylo Caliban posts something so despicable and incendiary that it causes a reckoning for the corporate powers of Silicon Valley, a reckoning that Caliban’s manager Anne Stewart must navigate.” When asked about the series, Zac said: “We live in shocking times. Outrage drives engagement. Engagement drives profit and the question of the moral cost of this system has never been more important. This age of ‘content’ is inherently appalling. This series will explore the ramifications of our collective moral outrage, its role in society, how/if it can affect change, and what it means to worship content above all else. If nothing is famous for longer than five minutes, does anything matter anymore?””
You can read more at MultiversityComics.com

Games Radar reported on Andy Belanger’s new title Mother Trucker. The article indicates that Andy has been moonlighting the past few years as a professional wrestler on the independent circuit, and with this new comic book series his bringing the world of wrestling into the mix. According to Andy: “I’ve kept my comics career and my wrestling career separate but now, with this, they’re coming together and it’s out there for everyone to see…Sometimes I know what I’m doing is so silly, but it’s also so me.”
You can read more at GamesRadar.com

The Beat interviewed Peter Ricq about his new project Ghosts Are People Too. When asked about his inspiration for this book, Peter said: “I wanted the readers to fall for our main character from first glance. The inspiration came from other classic books like The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey but with a touch of contemporary animated classics like The Amazing World of Gumball for instance, I wanted this to feel fresh, spooky, yet still inviting Edward Gorey’s book is a lot more morbid and would defeat the point/theme of my book.”
You can read more at ComicsBeat.com

The Verge reported about a new version of Adobe Illustrator for iPad as a part of their coverage of Adobe Max, the company’s annual unveiling of updates and new products. The article explains: “Just about everything you’d expect from a mobile version of Illustrator is here, from the pen, pencil, and brush tools, to layers, properties, and grid options, to basics like the type tool and path options. Some more specific features are still missing, but they may not be things you need day-to-day.”
You can read more at TheVerge.com

Adobe also put the spotlight on Adobe Spark as a way for newcomers to get started making comics. According to the Adobe website: “With Adobe Spark Post, you can create a custom aesthetic for your comic strip that you can recreate again and again for consistency throughout your story. Or, turn a comic strip into a meme that can be shared across your social platforms. Make a photo slideshow with your comics using Adobe Spark Video. Or, publish all your comics to a custom web page using Adobe Spark Page.”
You can read more at Adobe.com

ComicBookDaily featured an article by Ivan Kocmarek about Bell Features artist Fred Kelly. In addition to profiling Fred and his comic book artistry throughout the years, the article also features an interview with Ramón Pérez of RAID Studios about the impending release of Rachel Richey’s Fred Kelly Mr. Monster book, which RAID Studios has recently finished up with input by Robert Pincombe.
You can read more at ComicBookDaily.com

SyFy Wire published an article entitled “11 Great Horror Comics To Read For Halloween This Year”. Among the many, are these Canadian creators:
– Plunge with artist Stuart Immonen and writer Joe Hill
– Stillwater with writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Ramón Pérez
– Marvel Zombies: Resurrection with artist Leonard Kirk and writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson
You can read more at SyFy.com

Comic Watch reported that BOOM! Studios is reissuing Dune: House Atreides #1 due to the popularity of the title at the distributor level. That’s good news for Michael Walsh as he gets cover art duties for this second printing that hits stores on November 11.
You can read more at Comic-Watch.com

The Ottawa Citizen reported that Mireille Messier won the Ottawa Book award for French-language children’s literature for her book, Trésor, described as “a beautifully illustrated tale of two siblings on a treasure hunt”. 
You can read more at OttawaCitizen.com

Multiversity Comics announced that Vault Comics’ middle grade and young adult imprint, Wonderbound, will offer a new YA graphic novel called Verse by writer and artist, Sam Beck. The story, set to debut Fall 2021, follows Fife, “a boy living in world where magic is feared, and only practiced by evil monsters known as Vell. Fife’s life changes when he meets a young girl, Neitya, who has mysterious powers, and forms a friendship that will spark a shift throughout their society.” When asked about the series, Sam said that she “tenaciously sought these stories as a kid; in video games, in books, and in comics — my only wish, to immerse myself in that shared journey. Nothing is more delightful than being presented with a cast of colorful characters and slowly getting to learn what drives them to make each decision.”
You can read more at MultiversityComics.com

The Comics Beat spoke with Zac Thompson about his current project Lonely Receiver. When asked about how the series came to be, Zac said: “My books evolve and grow in real time as I’m making them. Lonely Receiver was no different. But I always pictured this book to be something more meditative and dream-like. If you’re telling a story like this and all the imagery is too close to reality then you sort of lose your metaphor. I think there’s a lot more power in taking readers to a world they only vaguely recognize and letting them get their bearings as the story slowly unfurls around them.”
You can read more at ComicsBeat.com

And in case you missed it, here are some of the talented Canadian comic book creators and supporters who kindly gave their time for podcast interview published this past week:

Helge Dascher and Robin Lang chatted about the process of translating Lonely Boys by Sophie Bédard:


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