Time flies when you’re having fun. That saying is never so true as it is with

Now entering the fourth year of production, this site continues to promote Canadian comic book creators and supporters. While this year hasn’t gone the way any of us planned, I’m thankful to see that the Canadian comic book community perseveres and continues to uphold the Canadian spirit throughout all our adversities.

This year we’ve seen how Canadian creators have published and promoted new books while planning for even more wonderful projects. It’s inspiring to hear what Canadian comic book creators are doing despite the lock downs, cancellations and postponements of various events.

I’ve discovered that podcasts are helping many (including myself) cope with the loss of community activities including trade shows, festivals, community exhibits and much more. I hope these podcasts and this site have been some sort of small panacea to get us through this unforeseen times.

And to help continue to get the word out, True North Country Comics is available through two additional social media services – one existing and one brand new.

The True North Country Comics Podcast is now available on YouTube. The audio recordings can be easily accessed at the following YouTube channel:

And more content is on the way.

True North Country Comics Podcast is also accessible via a new social media app called Trybe. It’s a new platform aims to shape the next generation of social media by giving people a place to build community, create, and get rewarded for it. I think this will be a create additional resource for Canadian comic book creators. You can read more at

So thanks for being with the site and podcast for the past few years. I hope you stick with it to continue to discover even more Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

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