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Here’s a roundup of just some of the news from around the web this past week about Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

Booklist Online published an article about the top 10 graphic novels of 2020. Among the many on the list, notable Canadian works include:
Bix by Scott Chantler noted because “Chantler’s nearly wordless graphic biography of Bix Beiderbecke is an exercise in formal experimentation, blending visualized rhythm with poignant notes of both joy and elegy.”
Leaving Richard’s Valley by Michael DeForge added because “Within DeForge’s wildly fanciful tale about off-kilter animals lie honest insights about the importance of community and the struggle to find a place in society, delivered in a richly imaginative and totally singular mode.”
You can read more at BookListOnline.com


NPR reviewed about The Daughters of Ys written by M.T. Anderson and illustrated by Ontario based Jo Rioux. The article praises Jo’s work by commenting: “Her drawings here aren’t just beautiful, with their deep, layered colors and elegant compositions; they’re also smart. Nodding to the original tale’s 5th-century setting, Rioux uses the style and motifs of Anglo-Saxon art (think of the Bayeux Tapestry and the metalwork of Sutton Hoo).”
You can read more at NPR.org

Smashpages interviewed Johnnie Christmas about his newest project Crema — the graphic novel featuring a romantic ghost story about a New York barista who can see ghosts, and Yara, a Brazilian model who is the heiress to a coffee plantation. When asked about how this project originated, Johnnie said: “I’d been saying for years to anyone who would listen, I would love to do a romance comic. I was dead serious but there wasn’t much room for it in North American direct market comics… Through lots of little threads it all came together. I sent Dante two ideas and something about Crema resonated and we pitched it to comiXology, and from there we were off and running. Every step of the way before we got the green light, I thought it wasn’t going to happen.”
You can read more at SmashPages.net

Games Radar continued the 10th year anniversary celebration of the film Scott Pilgrim vs The World by writing about the 2010 game that accompanied the film’s original release. The article includes a tweet from creator Bryan Lee O’Malley indicating that Ubisoft, the games original publisher, has been in contact with him. No further details are available but fingers crossed the game may again see the light of day.
You can read more at GamesRadar.com
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CBC News reported that the movie The Ballad of Sharkasaurus, the sequel to the original Sharkasaurus from co-writer, producer and director Spencer Estabrooks, is underway in Drumheller, Alberta.  The Alberta Foundation for the Arts has provided funding to assist with the production. According to Spencer: “It’s a huge step…Sharkasaurus started me on the path … and along the way, I’ve made a lot of friends and I’ve been working with a lot of crew that enjoy working on my projects, because they’re fun and weird and silly.”
You can ready more at CBC.ca/News

Bleeding Cool reported that the new Power Pack series written by Ryan North and illustrated by Nico Leon will actually go on sale in November. Originally planned for an April introduction, the story goes like this “It’s been ages since Katie, Julie, Jack and Alex Power have fought side by side as a family, but a special occasion — and an old grudge — is about to put the gang back together. There’s just one teeny tiny hiccup: Kamala’s Law, the brand–new law restricting underage super heroes!”
You can read more at BleedingCool.com
Power Pack 1

Cult MTL reported that Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante and Governor-General Award-winner Delphie Côté-Lacroix will be creating a graphic novel called Okay Universe: Chronicles of a Woman in Politics. Slated for publication by Drawn + Quarterly in October, the story recounts the efforts of Mayor Plante in her career that led to becoming Montreal’s first female mayor. According to Drawn + Quarterly publisher Peggy Burns: “The fact that the Mayor of Montreal is choosing to tell her story for the first time via the language of comics with GG-winning Delphie Côté-Lacroix perfectly captures the city of Montreal; its love of bande dessinée; and why it is at the forefront of the medium.”
You can read more at CultMTL.com

Cartoon Art announced the finalists for the 2020 Prism Awards along with supporting virtual events taking place September 19 to 20. Canadians are featured among the finalists including:
– Mariko Tamaki, who along with Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, is featured in the Mainstream Press category for Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me
Steven Andrews and Andrew Wheeler are recognized for Shout Out! in the Anthology Category
You can read more at CartoonArt.com
laura dean shout_out


CBC Books reported that Rosanna Deerchild will host a new CBC Books podcast based on the award winning graphic novel 150 Years: This Place. According to Rosanna’s Facebook post: “This place we call Canada has an amazing story. It is not all moose, hockey and cold weather. We are more than what you learned in history class…Indigenous people are this place and it is time we told our stories….In This Place, you will learn about amazing pieces of our shared history through interviews with Indigenous authors and illustrators.”
You can read more at CBC.ca/Books

On his LinkedIn page, illustrator Jason Lapidus posted that readers can now purchase the Group of 7 graphic novel written by Chris Sanagan that collects issues numbers 1 to 6 including bonus material. The story follows seven famous Canadians and their adventures in the First World War.
You can read more on Jason’s LinkedIn page
group of 7 graphic novel

The Korea Times published an article about The Dark Side of Seoul: Weird Tales from Korean Lore written by Shawn Morrissey, a heritage interpreter with art from Tim Bauer. The 50-page comic book is an anthology of three stories that presents ghost walk tour guides leading guests through the city after dark. According to Shawn: “I had been contemplating how to share more of this content to a wider audience. So, I had the idea to write a comic book, bridging my love for horror comics and Korean folktales, while meeting my want to share more.”
You can read more at KoreaTimes.co.kr
dark side of seoul

Marvel announced that Marvel’s Voices Indigenous Voices #1 will be published in November written and drawn by some of the industry’s most renowned Indigenous talent. Whitefish Lake First Nation artist Kyle Charles will provide art for a Dani Moonstar story where she will face the crucial question of what her Indigenous heritage means in the new era of mutantkind. According to editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski: “This book is the first step of our next expansion of the program to not only elevate the diverse talent we already have at Marvel, but also discover new writers and artists who can bring their voices to our characters, both old and new. And this is only the beginning.”
Stay tuned for a podcast interview with Kyle in the coming days.
You can read more at Marvel.com

Northern News Services Media wrote about a new mobile visual art exhibit featuring the works of Yellowknife artist Alison McCreesh and Yukon-based comic artist Kim Edgar. While the mobile gallery is not permitted to put on public shows during the height of public health restrictions, interested inquiries to the Yellowknife Artist Run Community Centre requested to have the gallery park in their neighbourhoods to have art shows for their bubbles. When asked about her opinion on the mobile exhibit, Alison was quoted as saying: “..it clearly demonstrates an interest in this kind of work…people are hungry for it.” While Alison expressed her admiration for the use of a mobile gallery, she added that it “doesn’t replace having a proper arts venue….I do think it’s an awesome initiative and there should be more initiatives like that but we should also have a proper space.”
You can read more at NNSL.com

norths  The Space In Between cover sm

And in case you missed it, here are some of the talented Canadian comic book creators and supporters who kindly gave their time for podcast interviews published this past week:

Alex Steacy commented on his current project Drainers:

Shea Proulx spoke about her latest work ABC Monstrosity:

Jeff Martin offered his insight about Hell Inc. and Hockeypocalypse:

GMB Chomichuk discussed how he devised his current project The Automatic Age:

To end this edition of Weekend Update, here’s a song from Burlington, Ontario band Walk Off The Earth, that harkens back to the innocence of youth. Here’s “Farther We Go”


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