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Here’s the latest news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters that’s been published this past week.

Marvel reported they will publish three iconic franchises – Alien, Predator, and Alien VS. Predator  — starting in 2021 with cover art by David Finch. According to David: “Alien and Predator are two of the most identifiable, iconic characters of all time, and I love them for that…But mostly, it’s being fortunate enough to be a kid when they were new. I’ve seen every movie they’ve ever been in, and I cannot wait to see them wreaking havoc in the Marvel Universe. I drew my pictures of them with a massive smile on my face.”
You can read more at Marvel.com


The Hollywood Reporter published an article about a trailer for the forthcoming graphic novel Daughters of Ys. Illustrated by Jo Rioux, who granted us an interview back in May, the trailer offers some visual hints about what’s to come for the book that’s slated for sale on August 12.
You can see the trailer and read more at HollywoodReporter.com

Book Riot asked their contributors to share their best books they read in the past few months. Notable listings include:
Eat And Love Yourself by Sweeney Boo with the comment: “This gorgeous comic is about struggling with body positivity, and though it can be a difficult read at times, it was almost shockingly relatable.”
Familiar Face by Michael DeForge with the comment: “This is a strange and moving work about the challenges of forging connection and fighting exploitation in an exhausting, technology-driven society.”
You can read more at BookRiot.com

CBC Books published a list of 40 Canadian books to read over the summer. Some books worth noting include:
Wendy, Master of Art by Walter Scott which is described as “Wendy is a serious art student at the University of Hell in a small Ontario town. As she works toward her Master Fine Arts, Wendy confronts her ever-ballooning insecurities, fears and doubts with therapy, excessive drinking and partying.”
I Know You Rider by Leslie Stein which is described as the author’s memoir thatbegins at an abortion clinic and takes readers through a year in her life, as she questions the decision to reproduce.”
Radicalized by Cory Doctorow described as “a collection of four novellas that explore the quandaries — social, economic and technological — of contemporary America. Cory Doctorow’s characters deal with issues around immigration, corrupt police forces, dark web uprisings and more.”
You can read more at CBC.ca/books

Quill and Quire reported that Conundrum Press is offering a mini-comic bursary for Black and Indigenous creators. The annual $1,000 bursary designed for a Black or Indigenous persons is provided to support the creation and production of a mini-comic. Conundrum will also help with distribution of the work.
You can read more at QuillAndQuire.com


9to5Mac reviewed Livescribe Symphony described as a conventional pen, which writes on paper, with a couple of additions. The camera points down at the nib and records everything the pen writes and transmits a digital version of it to a companion device – an iPhone or an iPad. The pen works only with paper that contains microdots that help track the movement of the pen across the paper. The Livescribe Symphony costs USD$110 while the paper notebooks cost from USD$6.25 each when bought in multipacks. The review concludes: “If you love writing on paper but still live a mostly digital life, then this is the ideal approach, bridging paper and digital worlds without even having to think about it. The ability of the pen to sync later means I don’t need to decide at the time to capture things digitally, but can choose to do this later.”
You can read more at 9to5Mac.com
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Booklist published their list of the top 10 graphics novels of 2020 (so far). Notable entries on the list include:
Bix by Scott Chantler. To quote the site: “Chantler’s nearly wordless graphic biography of Bix Beiderbecke is an exercise in formal experimentation, blending visualized rhythm with poignant notes of both joy and elegy
Leaving Richard’s Valley by Michael DeForge. The site stated: “Within DeForge’s wildly fanciful tale about off-kilter animals lie honest insights about the importance of community and the struggle to find a place in society, delivered in a richly imaginative and totally singular mode.
You can read more at BookListOnline.com


CBR reported about Jason Fabok’s take on the famous Laughing Fish homage for his variant cover for forthcoming Batman: The Three Jokers. Jason said: “The Joker laughing fish is a classic staple of the Joker and something that has shown up in comics as well as the Batman Animated Series throughout the years. I decided to riff on Brian Bolland again, seeing that so much of this book is influenced from the universe he created in Batman: The Killing Joke.” 
You can read more at CBR.com
laughing fish variant cover


Lonnie Nadler announced on his Twitter feed that he’s producing a new comic book interview and live draw show punnily called ‘Drawn & Cornered’. Lonnie claims the lineup of guests is ‘wonderful and varied’. The first episode to air features creator Simon Roy.
You can discover more at YouTube.com/AFilthyLot
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Publishers Weekly reported that Alexandra Cooper at Quill Tree has acquired, in an exclusive submission, world rights to Anne and Carousel Summer by Kathleen Gros. Inspired by Anne of Green Gables, contemporary middle grade graphic novel Anne follows feisty red-haired Anne, who finally finds the perfect foster family and confronts her perhaps more-than-platonic feelings for her new best friend Diana. The second graphic novel centers Lucy, who is facing a long and lonely summer until she meets Anaïs, the daughter of a visiting artist, and learns there’s more going on in her town than she originally thought—and more to her feelings for Anaïs than just friendship. Publication is planned for summer 2022 and summer 2024, respectively.
You can read more at PublishersWeekly.com


And in case you missed it, here are some of the talented Canadian comic book creators who kindly gave their time for podcast interviews published this past week:

Mauricio Pommella who talked about his projects Binary Noise and Vintage Modern:

Bailie Rosenlund who spoke about her graphic novels/webcomic series Les Piggies:

Erika Matsuyama who offered insight into her creation process for her works including Travel Log:

And Ilinca Barbacuta who discussed her approach to writing including her short story horror anthology MALAISE:

To end this edition of Weekend Update, here’s  Toronto-based Tafari Anthony with ‘Live In A Dream’


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