Weekend Update for Sunday, July 5, 2020

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Here’s the latest news about Canadian comic book creators and supporters from the around the interwebs.

School Library Journal interviewed Svetlana Chmakova about her new book The Weirn Books: Be Wary of the Silent Woods. When asked where she got the idea for a book about weirns, Svetlana said: “Well, the concept of witches having loyal familiars has been around for a while and it’s one I’ve always loved, so that became the springboard concept for me. Weirns and Astrals specifically are all mine, but as an incarnation/my variation on the classic “witch and their adorable little helper creature” shtick.”
You can read more at SchoolLibraryJournal.com



Comics Beat interviewed Scarlet Wings Kaili about her current comic series Halfsoul, mental well-being, experimentation, page layout and surviving in uncertain times. When asked about what she hopes readers take away from her work, she said: “I think I want my readers to take with them anything that they find helpful or healing from my work. I’m not really going to try to dictate what people find helpful in it, but when I write, my goal is to give a voice to a lot of concerns and experiences that people feel when you have a mental illness. I want to bring that awareness and let people know that it’s not all tragedy, there is growth afterwards, there’s light at the other end of the tunnel, even if you can’t see it, you can still move towards it.”
You can read more at ComicsBeat.com


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ICv2 announced that Christopher Butcher, one of the co-founders of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival has resigned from his role as artistic director with the organization. Referencing the blog where he first announced the news, the outlet indicated that Christopher  cited two reasons for relinquishing his responsibilities at the show: “…to address persistent health and wellness issues in my own life that I had neglected, and in the hopes that existing staff and potential staff and volunteers might be able to move up into the organization into leadership roles that I was abdicating.”
His tireless efforts to enthusiastically promote creators from Toronto and around the world will be missed.
You can read more at ICv2.com
TCAF Japan 2017

The Indigenous Voices Awards hosted a virtual gala of readings and stories from the 2020 IVAs finalists and also announced this year’s award recipients. Cole Pauls was selected for Dakwäkãda Warriors from Conundrum Press, for the category of Works In An Indigenous Language. The Indigenous Voices Awards were established in 2017 to support and nurture the work of Indigenous writers in lands claimed by Canada. The Indigenous Voices Awards aim to support Indigenous literary production in its diversity and complexity, understanding Indigenous literatures to include but not be limited to novels, creative non-fiction, short stories, poetry, orality, graphic novels, comics, slam, drama, music lyrics, screenwriting, and other forms. The awards honour the sovereignty of Indigenous creative voices and reject cultural appropriation.
You can read more at IndigenousVoicesAwards.org

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The Globe and Mail reviewed the recently published Topp: Promoter Gary Topp Brought Us The World by David Collier published by Conundrum Press. The article outlines the graphic novel that “explores the grittier parts of Toronto’s pop-cultural landscape in the 1970s and 80s, with focus on the life and times of Topp, one half (with Gary Cormier) of the music promotion duo The Garys. “
You can read more at TheGlobeAndMail.com
Topp Promoter Gary Topp

Bleeding Cool reported that Marla Lesage, an artist, illustrator, and writer, from New Brunswick, has now sold her first graphic novel, AWOL (Absent Without Leave), to Ruth Linka at Orca. Slated to publication in the spring of 2022, the book is described as “a middle-grade graphic novel about a military brat who is left alone (again) after her best friend’s family is reassigned while navigating her father’s unpredictable mood swings”.
You can read more at BleedingCool.com

Comics Beat wrote about the Hamilton graphic novel that never was. Colored by Kelly Fitzpatrick and illustrated by Brent Schoonover, the  cancelled book would have featured scenes from songs including “The Battle of Yorktown,” “Aaron Burr, Sir/My Shot”, and “The Schuyler Sisters.” In a recent tweet, Brent wrote: “Deadline was crazy tight for designing characters and doing sample pages. And I was also working on another gig. Wish I more time to do them right. @wastedwings (aka Kelly Fitzpatrick) did an amazing job coloring my rushes pages though.”
You can read more at ComicsBeat.com

And in case you missed it, here are some of the talented Canadian comic book creators who kindly gave their time for podcast interviews published this past week:

Jazz Groden-Gilchrist and Elliot Pryce-Baff spoke about their recent projects including You Will Live Forever and more.

James Lloyd, cartoonist and educator, chatted about his work Black Sunday and his future plans.

Joni Taylor talked about her influences and projects including Observations of a Feminist.

And Joan Steacy offered her personal insight into the what made her create Aurora Borealice plus a lot more.


To end this edition of Weekend Update, here’s the recent Juno Award-winning ‘Breakthrough Group of the Year’ Neon Dreams with ‘Sick of Being Useless’



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