Celebrating Canadian women comic book creators on International Women’s Day 2020

March 8, 2020 marks International Women’s Day 2020. As part of the celebration with the theme of an equal world is an enabled world, here are some of the memorable True North Country Comics Podcast interviews over the past year with Canadian women comic book creators. Thanks to all who gave their time to share their personal experiences and the process for making comic books.




Shea Proulx
Shea Proulx
“Shea Proulx offers insight for beginning creators planning to publish content”
Shea has self- published two books, and her current book, Alice at Naptime, has been published by Renegade Arts and Entertainment. She describes her work as a “nerdy trip, where memories and observations co-mingle to form sweet psychedelic spaces, and visual narratives steal the show.”
You can discover more about Shea on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/sheaproulx/ and online at http://www.sheaproulx.com/


Sam Beck
Sam Beck

“Sam Beck discusses digital tools for comic book creation at TCAF 2019”
Sam is a Toronto-based artist who’s worked on a variety of comics and anthologies with a focus on myths and fantasy. Her recent published work includes the comics Songs for the Dead and Cadmus. Sam has an on-going webcomic called Verse.
You can discover more about Sam on Twitter at @_twothirty and online at sambeck.ca


“‘Lunar Maladies’ creator kgros chats about future plans at TCAF 2019”
kgros is a cartoonist living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her first graphic novel, Last Night at Wyrmwood High, was published in 2015 by Cloudscape Comics. She is currently working on her second, Lunar Maladies, which updates as a weekly webcomic at lunarmaladies.com. Her third will be published by Harper Collins in 2020.
You can discover more about kgros on Twitter at @kagcomix and online at www.kagcomix.com

Vanessa Stefaniuk
Vanessa Stefaniuk

“Vanessa Stefaniuk discussed current and upcoming comic book projects at TCAF 2019”
Vanessa is trained in classical animation and has applied her skills to create a webcomic called Radio Silence.
You can discover more Vanessa on Twitter at @quietsnooze and online at quietsnooze.net

Michelle Dix
Michelle Dix photo

“Michelle Dix promotes ‘Road Trip’ and more at TCAF 2019”
Michelle is an illustrator and storyteller from the Toronto, Ontario area who draws goblins and fantastical settings. Her work includes Vasilisa, Confession, Harlow Manor, and Perseus vs. Medusa. Michelle’s most recent comics include Roadtrip plus her contribution to the Shout Out! anthology. 

You can discover more about Michelle on Twitter at @michelledixart and online at michelledix.com

Steph Brennan
Steph Brennan TCAF 2019
“Steph Brennan chats about writing comics and future projects at TCAF 2019”
Steph is a Toronto-based writer and illustrator with previous works appearing in Strange Romance Anthology and Supernatural Anthology Volume 2. She was interviewed on the site last summer for her contribution to the Toronto Comics Anthology Osgoode as Gold.
You can discover more Steph Twitter at @stephbrennan4  and online at stephbrennan.ca

Ami Moore
Ami Moore TCAF 2019
“Ami Moore talks about ‘Cats of Felicia’ at TCAF 2019”
Ami is an illustrator and designer in Toronto. She makes comics, art and games featuring lighthearted stories… and cats. Her recently completed effort is the comic Cats of Felicia.
You can discover more about Ami on Twitter at @amiillustration and online at http://amillustration.com/

Boum TCAF 2019

“Boum talks about tabling at TCAF and getting into webcomics”
Boum is a cartoonist, illustrator and video game enthusiast. Her work, Boumeries, is an ongoing journal webcomic first started in February 2011. The first of the collected self-published volumes was awarded the Best Francophone Comic prize at the Expozine Awards 2011 and nominated for the Bedelys Award for Best Independent Comic the same year. Boumeries was also a nominee for the 2016 Bedelys Award and for the 2015, 2017 and 2018 Joe Shuster Awards.
You can discover more about Boum on Twitter at @boumerie and online at boumfolio.com and boumeries.com

Camilla d’Errico
Camilla d'Errico

“Camilla d’Errico talks about ‘Pop Manga Drawing’, exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con and more”
Camilla is an artist who has been making waves in the fine art and comic industries with her manga-influenced style. Ever the prolific artist, Camilla is comic artist/creator and Pop Surrealist painter, while also contributing to the vinyl art toy movement, and expanding her style into fashion, accessories, toys and other merchandise. Her most recent book is entitled Pop Manga Drawing.
You can discover more about Camilla on Twitter at @Helmetgirl and online at camilladerrico.com

Kelly Bastow
Kelly Bastow

“Kelly Bastow promotes ‘Manfried Saves The Day’ and her upcoming art exhibit”
Kelly is is a traditional illustrator based in Toronto. Kelly illustrated the Quirk Books titles The Fangirls Guide to the Galaxy and Manfried The Man.
You can discover more about Kelly on Twitter at @moosekleenex and online at https://www.etsy.com/shop/moosekleenex

Cecil Castellucci

“Cecil Castellucci chats about the impact of ‘Female Furies’, the future of ‘Batgirl’ and more”
Cecil is the award winning and New York Times bestselling author of books and graphic novels for young adults including Shade The Changing Girl, Boy Proof, The Plain Janes, Soupy Leaves Home, The Year of the Beasts, Tin Star, and Odd Duck. In 2015 she co-authored Star Wars Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure. She just finished writing Female Furies for DC Comics and is now writing Batgirl for DC.
You can discover more about Cecil on Twitter at @misscecil and online at cecilcastellucci.com

Gisèle Lagacé

“Gisèle Lagacé talks about the future of ‘Exorsisters’ and more”
Gisèle is a comic artist and writer. Her recent work includes Ménage à 3 for Pixie Trix/Udon and Exorsisters for Image Comics. Her previous efforts include Archie Meets Ramones, a Betty Boop mini for Dynamite, Jem and the Holograms for IDW, a lot of cover artwork and many webcomics.
You can discover more about Gisele on Twitter at @GiseleLagace ‏and online at http://www.giselelagace.com

Renee Nault
renee nault

“Renee Nault discusses ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, women in comics and comic books as literature”
Renee is an artist, illustrator, and graphic novelist. She is known for her vivid watercolor and ink illustrations. Her work has appeared in books, magazines, newspapers and advertising around the world. In 2019, Renee’s graphic novel adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian classic, The Handmaid’s Tale, was released. The book received critical acclaim and quickly became a bestseller, with translations in new international language editions.
You can discover more about Renee on Twitter at @reneenault ‏and online at

Maia Matches
Maia Matches

“Maia Matches offers insight into the comic book creator scene in Amsterdam”
Maia is a Canadian comics artist who lives and works in the Netherlands. Since the mid 2000s, she has been a prominent artist in Amsterdam’s alternative comix scene, especially as the initiator of several free comics newspapers aimed at specific districts of the city. She graduated from the Academy of Art & Design in Den Bosch in 2003, majoring in Sculpture, while additionally self-publishing a series of zines. In 2006, she completed her first graphic novel Torontonia, a project that was awarded a small grant by de NBKS (The New Brabants Art Society) in Breda. Maia moved to Amsterdam in the same year and became a regular participant of the 24 Hour Comics Day event in comics shop Lambiek. Now living and working in the capital Amsterdam, she has earned her due as a pioneer of the underground comic scene, which is evident in her new title as City Illustrator of Amsterdam 2019.
You can discover more about Maia on Instagram at Instagram.com/mmmmatches and on online at MaiaMatches.com

Jennifer Cuthbert
Jennifer Lam WOTS

“Jennifer Cuthbert talks about getting younger readers into comics at Word On The Street Toronto”
Jennifer is an educator, artist and creator. She has been drawing and writing stories since the age of nine. Her Adventures of Lollipop series keeps expanding with the most recent sixth edition entitled Lollipop Celebrates!: A Book of Holidays and Celebrations.
You can discover more about Jennifer on Twitter at @Lollipop_Comics and online at http://www.adventuresoflollipop.com

Brenda Hickey

“Brenda Hickey and Troy Little promote their Kickstarter ‘Halls of the Turnip King'”
Brenda is a comic artist and writer who graduated from the Holland College Graphic Design. After working in layouts in animation, Brenda focused her efforts on comics, and her most well-known work is on IDW’s My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series.
Brenda is on Twitter at @crazyary.

Leah Williams
Leah H Williams

“Leah Williams talks about comic book influences including ‘Conan’ at Tri-City Super Con 2”
Leah is the founder of Oddyssey Studio based in southern Ontario with a focus on comic books, indie games and illustration.
You can discover more about Leah on Twitter at @OddysseysS  and online at oddyssey.studio

Allison Danger
Allison Danger photo

“Allison Danger offers professional comic book creator insight at Tri-City Super Con 2”
Allison studied at the Wilfred Laurier University and is a Humber College School of Health Sciences Alumnus. Allison is also the author of the graphic novels Blood and Motor Oil, When Wolf Lost Moon and the upcoming Charlie Goes North.
You can discover more about Allison on Twitter at @allydangerous and online at allisondanger.com

Meredith Finch

“New Kickstarter project ‘The Book of Ruth’ and creator insight interview with Meredith Finch”
Meredith is a comic book writer for some of the comic industry’s most iconic female hereoines including her best-selling run on Wonder Woman as well as Catwoman for DC Comics plus Grimm Fairy Tales and The Little Mermaid for Zenecope.
You can discover more about Meredith on Twitter at @finchmeredith1 and on Instagram at Instagram.com/finchmeredith1

Allison O’Toole

“Allison O’Toole discusses the ‘Wayward Kindred’ Kickstarter project plus the art of editing comic books”
Allison is a freelance comic editor, Internet writer, and lover of monsters and dogs. Allison was the editor of Wayward Sisters: An Anthology of Monstrous Women, Toronto Comics Anthology Volume 3, Called Into Being and more. She’s currently editing the Afterlift series for Comixology.
You can discover more about Allison on Twitter @AllisonMOToole and online at allisonotoole.com

Caitlin Major
Caitlin Major - MCX 2019

“Finding a great collaborator is the key to success says Caitlin Major creator of ‘Manfried The Man'”
Caitlin is a Toronto-based comics writer and illustrator best known for her webcomic turned graphic novel Manfried the Man. Her webcomics include Home Sick, Peach Plum Pear, and The Spirit. She works as an animation compositor at Skyship Entertainment, an animation studio in Toronto that specializes in kids programming, whose content on YouTube has over 10 million subscribers.
You can discover more about Caitlin on Twitter at @caitlindmajor and online at http://caitlin.spacepyrates.com/

Megan Kearney
Megan Kearney

“Comic book creator Megan Kearney advises against large conventions when starting out”
Megan is a sequential artist and writer. In addition to her award-winning adaptation of Beauty and The Beast, Megan is a regular contributor to the Disney Princess series. Megan wrote Hit Reblog: Comics That Caught Fire for Comixology. She also manages the Toronto-based Comic Book Embassy, an energetic co-work studio that is home to some of the city’s top indie talent.
You can discover more about Megan at thequietly.com and follow her on Twitter at @SpookyMeggie

Stephany Lein
Stephany Lein MCX 2019
“‘Shelly’ creator Stephany Lein recommends new comic book creators network to find like-minded supporters”
Stephany is a comic book creator from Ontario with several successful projects including Skelt and Apy with Sam Noir, Strays and her most recent effort Shelly.
You can discover more about Stephany on Twitter at @jupejuperocket and online at jupe.ca

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