Going Back to School with Comics

Are you ready for pencils, books and teacher’s dirty looks? 

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Maybe not, but how about studies about comic books?

Here’s a not-so exhaustive list of classes and courses for young and old to learn more about comic books and the creative process for making them.

Langara College
Graphic Novel & Comix Program
The full-time program covers an exhaustive and in-depth curriculum. Students will learn important skills like character creation, world-building, life drawing for comics, colour theory, lettering and layout. Publishing and promotional courses will help students learning the business side of publishing and how to get their comic books out into the public sphere. Along with courses in traditional mediums, students will learn digital media programs, including Clip Studio Paint Pro and the Adobe suite software including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Max The Mutt
Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts (ISSA)
This program restructures the Illustration for Sequential Arts, and was designed with input from leading Canadian artists in the field. It gives students a broader, updated skill base that includes 21st century skills using digital media, creating mobile comics, knowledge of the entire Adobe Suite, essential graphic design and illustration for advertising skills, story boarding for film and advertising….and a fourth-year 2-semester graphic novel development course that will leave each graduate with a package that can be pitched to publishers. Core courses from the 3-year diploma remain part of the new diploma program. These include all the basics of creating, penciling and inking comics, storytelling and scripting for comics, and children’s book illustration.

OCAD University
Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design (MA, MDes and MFA)
The Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design (IAMD) draws experienced artists and designers from around the world, encouraging them to investigate and produce works that combine art, design and interdisciplinary academic study to create new forms of visual and social research and creative production.
Each student’s primary discipline and chosen emphasis among art, design, or media practice and theoretical inquiry will determine whether the degree earned is an MFA, MDes or MA.

Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre
Comic Book Creation with Ed (25+)
Oct 18-Nov 8
Vancouver, BC
Explore the rich universe of comic books and graphic novels by learning to tell a story with images. Looking at what makes popular characters successful, you will be invited to create a protagonist and situate them in a few pages from your own comic.

Syn Studio Art School
Full Time Intensive Portfolio Prep Program
Montreal, PQ
This is an elite training program where you study with top industry artists working in Concept Art and Illustration. The program is designed to help aspiring concept artists and illustrators.

Thunder Bay Art Gallery
Comic Creation Classes – Cover Art
Thunder Bay, ON
Oct 8 to Nov 19 6 pm to 7:30 pm
Draw dynamic characters, illustrate exciting scenes, and explore new materials while designing your own comic book covers.
Ages 10-14

Toronto Public Library  – Rexdale, ON
Comic Book Art with Eric Kim
October 10 – 6 pm to 7 pm
Join artist Eric Kim as he talks about how to write your own Manga strips. This workshop will help guide attendees in how they can plot their own stories to create fun and entertaining tales!
Eric Kim is an illustrator and comic artist, having more than a decade of experience working with various comic book and children’s publishers.

University of Waterloo
Rhetoric in Popular Culture (ENGL 104)
This course explores how popular culture can persuade, influence, and convince in ordinary life. Using a variety of rhetorical methods, we will analyze a range of artifacts in this class, including – but not limited to – advertising, comics, film, television, theatre, music videos, technology, video games, and blogs.

University of Waterloo
The Superhero (ENGL 108A)
An examination of hero figures, ranging broadly from ancient characters such as Gilgamesh to the modern comic book superhero. Literary as well as nonliterary materials (e.g., film, comics, games) will be considered.


Visual Arts Centre
Comic Book Illustration – Fall 2019
Sep 2 – Dec 12
Combining images and words, comics are an exciting, accessible means of storytelling and self-expression. Learn basic illustration skills, including expressive figure drawing, inking, layout, character design, and storyline, which will then be brought together in the creation of your own short graphic book. The development of a unique voice and style will be encouraged.
Montreal, PQ

Do you have a course or class related to comic books in a Canadian educational venue? Send your update to Info@TrueNorthCountryComics.com 

Stay true to your school!


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