Focus on Michele Assarasakorn

Throughout the month of March, True North North Country Comics features female comic book creators and supporters to celebrate International Women’s Day.


Today the focus is on Michele Assarasakorn.


Michele is a Thai-Canadian illustrator based in Vancouver. Since graduating, she’s worked in different industries gathering experience as an artist until she discovered the joy of storytelling through personal illustrations and colouring the works of comic artists she admires. Her current major project is Isola.

Michele was featured on the site previously:

Michele Assaraskorn talks about Isola team visit to Japan and more

Just announced at Emerald City Comic Con, Michele will be the colorist on Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins series II #1 from Dark Horse and Critical Role slated for publication on July 10.

You can find Michele on Twitter at @msassyk and online at

Apologies go out to Michele for not publishing this post on Wednesday for her birthday. So here’s a belated Happy Birthday to Michele!

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