In Case You Missed It for Sunday June 24, 2018

Here’s In Case You Missed It for Sunday June 24, 2018 — a recap of the news about Canadian comic book creators that you may have missed for the past week.

In Case You Missed It

CBC Radio interview consultant Nyla Inuuksuk about her efforts to help Jim Zub create the new Marvel superhero Amka Aliyak otherwise known as Snowguard. Nyla said :”I talked about the way life works in the arctic, and also we discussed the spiritual belief system in the north, and different myths and legends.” You can read more on the Radio website.



Newsarama also interviewed Jim Zub as he approaches the finale of Wayward.  Jim said “The ending we’re heading to carries key elements of my original plan and it’s the story that fits with the journey we’ve taken, and that’s what matters. I’m excited for people to pick up the ending or read it all the way through.” You can read the entire interview at

wayward 26
Credit: Dustin Weaver (Image Comics)


Alison McCreesh was profiled by The Comics Journal for her latest book Norths published by Conundrum Press. Norths is a collection of postcards that she send after traveling north of the 60th parallel with her family where they visited Finland, Russia, Iceland and Greenland. You can read the in-depth interview at


Credit: Alison McCreesh (Conundrum Press)


Yahoo! Movies UK interviewed Jeff Lemire about how to make it as a comic book writer with specific reference to his current run on Hit Girl. Jeff said: “The process of writing a comic book generally starts with a basic idea or concept. I slowly expand that into a pretty comprehensive outline over a number of months, and do multiple drafts of these outlines, before the story is solid enough to move to actual scripting.” You can read more at the Yahoo! Movies website

hit girl

Credit: Eduardo Risso (Image Comics)


And speaking of Jeff Lemire, Image Comics announced that his record-setting book Gideon Falls is getting the Director’s Cut treatment. On September 19, Image will publish a special version fo the first issue in black-in-white coupled with the never-before-seen script by Jeff. You can read more on the True North Country Comics website:

gideonfalls01-directorscut_cvr_351_540 (2)

Credit: Andrea Sorrentino (Image Comics)

More news about Jeff Lemire continued in The Hollywood Reporter about the partnership between DC and Walmart. Starting this summer, Walmart will stock the new DC 100-Page Giant comic books featuring all the big DC superheroes that we’ve all come to love. Stories by Canadian creators Jeff Lemire and Francis Manapul will be included. It reminds me of the 100-page giant comic books I used to read as a kid. You can read more at The Hollywood Reporter


Credit: Jim Lee (DC Entertainment)


CBC News reported a new comic book created in Halifax that gives an opportunity for minority groups to tell their story in a retelling of an Irish folktale. Author Nicole Slaunwhite wrote ‘Wild Rose’ a story about an Irish peasant girl who falls in love with rich Englishman, but ends up being betrayed. Nicole said “Myself and my artists have made efforts to make sure the book is very inclusive, so her love interest is a free black man in London, and we are trying to represent the reality of that time.” You can read the entire article on CBC News.


Credit: Mark Crosby (CBC)

Major publishers announced all their new titles planned for this September and there are a whole bunch of Canadian creators involved in books from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, BOOM! Studios, and IDW.
Articles about all the upcoming titles and creators are now on the True North Country Comics website so I invite you to read at your leisure:

Having spent last weekend at the Brampton Comic Con, I had the privilege to interview some of the comic book creators who exhibited at the show.

The interviews with Mark Bertolini, Jennifer Cuthbert Lam, and Yuriy Levytskyy are now available on the True North Country Comics website. If you haven’t check them out already, I encourage you do so now. They’re great folks and they have fascinating stories to tell. And there’s more to come.

Well that’s all the news for his past week. I hope to have some additional interviews in the coming weeks so I encourage you to like and subscribe this podcast for some really cool insight into more Canadian comic book creators and supporters.

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