Interview with Kate Drwecka

Here’s my chat with Kate Drwecka about her recent exhibits at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival.

Kate D

Kate is a freelance Illustrator & Web Developer. She recently published Becoming. She’s also working on a series about an all-girl supernatural detective agency, and horror-inspired illustrations. Kate recently exhibited at the TCAF and just returned from the VanCAF

Kate said that the TCAF is one of her favourite festivals. She explained: “There’s so many people that come out. It even draws in people who wouldn’t normally go to a comics festival.”

When it comes to influences, Kate referenced Milton Caniff creator of Terry and the Pirates plus many European comics including Italian comic book artist Hugo Pratt and others.


Kate even spoke about her fondness for singer Freddie Mercury while providing comments about the upcoming movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Kate said “I saw Queen with Adam Lambert when I was living in Krakow and that was like an experience. He’s really good. He doesn’t have quite the stage presence that Freddie does but you have to let that go because it’s just that no one’s going to do that.”

all girl supernatural detective agency

As for what’s next, Kate alluded upcoming events including Canzine. She also mentioned an upcoming major project: “It’s becoming bigger and bigger every day. This one’s larger than anything I’ve ever tackled before. It takes place within a sort-of hippie commune and it centres around the women within this commune. The men are going missing and they’re trying to figure out what’s going on with the population.” Although the book is slated for 2019, Kate hopes to publish the first installment before the end of the year and divide it into smaller chapters so that she’s not overwhelmed with her regular job.

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