A Brief Look at Lenovo’s new Yoga Book with Windows

One of the latest offerings for comic book creators is the new Yoga Book with Windows from Lenovo. Although the new device features all the essentials you’d expect in a portable workhorse — 360 degree hinge, vibrant Full-HD 10.1-inch screen, 4.05 mm thin, and 690g weight — it’s the other valuable additions that truly make this device worthy of comic book makers.

Yoga Book includes Create Pad that helps artists watch their creations come to life as they draw. The most common feedback I’ve heard from creators is that using tablets often results in the hand blocking the display. The Create Pad is design to alleviate that concern.


Yoga Book also features Real Pen that offers creators 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity while delivering control, accuracy and comfort. Additionally, if you’re used to writing in ink on paper, Real Pen connects to Yoga Book to seamlessly digitally capture those notes. 


Another neat feature is the easy-to-use Halo keyboard.  The beauty of this function is that the keyboard only shows up when you need it.  You never feel like you’re carrying around unnecessary hardware especially if you just want a ‘tablet’ feel or if you’re just drawing. Lenovo claims that the Haptic feedback from the Halo keyboard is just like a real keyboard with a natural feel and other useful amenities. 


Because creators are inspired at a moments notice, Lenovo has included a 13-hour battery with Yoga Book to ensure the device is ready to go when an idea is conceived and needs to be digitally captured. 

For more information, visit Lenovo Yoga Book with Windows

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