Back To School – Comic Book Style

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Here’s another comic book course that I just discovered:

Topics in Comics and Graphic Narratives: Canada Comics with Dr. Candida Rifkind
The University of Winnipeg
Winnipeg, MB

Click to access ENGL3980F2017Outline.pdf


Now’s that time of year when summer ends and another school year begins.

But rather than focus on reading, writing and ‘rithmetic, here’s just a small sample of studies to get you an A+ in comic books.

Discover more about each offering by visiting the institution’s website.

Comics & Graphic Novels Certificate
Camosun College Lansdowne
Victoria, BC
Develop a wide range of visual storytelling skills, including scripting, storytelling layout, pencilling, inking, lettering, and colouring techniques (both traditional and digital), life drawing, character design, and perspective.

Comic Drawing Class with Kamila Westerback
Thunder Bay Art Gallery
Instructor Kamila Westerback teaches drawing techniques, cartoon history, and contemporary characters to ages 9 to 14.

Graphic Novel Writing Workshop with Scott B. Henderson
Burns Family Classroom
Winnipeg, MB
Scott Henderson will be presenting a workshop on creating a graphic novel. Some of the things he will cover are: examples of different formats for comic scripts; tutorials on how to translate words into images; the methods of how they eye flows from panel to panel, with the goal of Clarity always in mind; the effects and benefits of storytelling techniques to tell a story; the relationship between words and pictures in comics; examining the unique traits of comic book storytelling as it is both similar and different to prose, film, and other media; and, interspersed with exercises in applying comic book storytelling techniques.

Graphic Novels: The Invisible Art
Sheridan College
Oakville, ON
In this hybrid course, students will investigate the rise of the graphic novel in the 20th Century. Students will consider the history of the genre, and explore how graphic novels reflect and represent diverse social, political and popular cultures.

Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts
Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design
Toronto, ON
This program restructures Illustration for Sequential Arts, and was designed with input from leading Canadian artists in the field. It gives students a broader, updated  skill base that includes 21st century skills using digital media, creating mobile comics, knowledge of the entire Adobe Suite, essential graphic design and illustration for advertising skills, story boarding for film and advertising….and a fourth-year 2-semester graphic novel development course that will leave each graduate with a package that can be pitched to publishers.

Introduction to Comics Book Illustration (ages 8-11)
Chilliwack Cultural Centre
Chilliwack, BC
Start with the basic techniques of illustration and composition, including basic anatomy, perspective and foreshortening. From there, move on to inking penciled drawings to add colour, and finally put it all together to tell a story. Start date November 4, 2017.

Manga Basic: Anime Arts – 129362
False Creek Community Centre
Vancouver, BC
Learn the art of Manga and Anime – A Japanese style of animation! You will be guided through the basics of sketching Manga facial features, clothing styles and other elements common to Manga. A variety of techniques and art materials will be used. You will walk away with your own, individually created Manga comic book.

Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp! (starts September 5)
392 Spadina Avenue Second Floor, Toronto, ON
“Plot, tale, character, dialogue, set pieces, scenes  and act structure —we cover it all.  Seven intensive workshops, will teach you the basic language of fiction, with an emphasis on comic and graphic novels as a script form.  This is a writing class like no other writing class you`ve ever had.”


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